M&A’s purpose is to provide training for companies on all aspects related to better management of human resources, both individually and collectively, in accordance with current labor laws through different types of training:


Since 2010, M&A offers an annual training schedule and additional training sessions are added throughout the year as required to analyze any new developments in labor and social security law.

Among others, training sessions have been held on the following:

- Management of Union Law and Individual Relationships under Union Law (union delegates, representatives);

- How to minimize outsourcing risks;

- Direct liability as agent, Section 29 of de Employment Contract Act, ruling in re. “Vazquez v. Telefónica”, and how to reduce contingencies;

- Expats from the immigration, social security and tax viewpoint; management of the sales force and classification as traveling salesmen;

- How to manage the company’s disciplinary system;

- Hiring procedures on the basis of company requirements, type of agreements to be used and timing to document an employment relationship;

- Different forms of termination of employment and issues to be taken into account in such cases;

- Salaries and benefits: relevant aspects to take into account from a legal perspective.


M&A offers different in-house training courses. Among others, training sessions have been held on the following:

- Courses for Supervisors and Leaders: we focus on discipline management in their respective departments and how to work as a team with HR and other company departments. This course has been successfully offered in YAMAHA MOTOR ARGENTINA S.A., TOYOTA ARGENTINA S.A., MAYCAR SA (SUPERMERCADOS VITAL), FAURECIA ARGENTINA S.A. DIVISION INTERIORES, FAURECIA ARGENTINA DIVISION ASIENTOS, PLASTIC OMNIUM S.A., among other companies.

- Basic Insights into Labor Law for Managers: we seek to provide legal tools for the management of human resources and negotiations with unions. This course has been successfully offered in FAURECIA ARGENTINA SA DIVISION INTERIORES and FAURECIA ARGENTINA DIVISION ASIENTOS;

- Management of the occupational risks that impact the company. This course has been offered in BRINGS AUSTRAL S.A., COLORIN IMSSA, ABB S.A., among other companies.

- Management of situations related to drugs and alcohol in the workplace. This course has been successfully offered in various companies whose names are reserved due to the nature of the topic.

- Training for crisis situations, company closings, suspensions or sensitive issues. This course has been successfully offered in various companies whose names are reserved due to the nature of the topic.


This course is aimed at members of the HR or Legal Departments who lack experience in Labor Law. It is also of interest to those employees who have a background in labor law but want to keep up-to-date and share tools for better HR and/or legal department management with renowned professionals, based on correct implementation of documents, policies and procedures. This training course is held once or twice a year on the basis of the needs of interested companies.

If you are interested in attending this course, please contact +5411 4894-0753


M&A firmly believes that work is the ideal vehicle to reduce marginality and promote human dignity. Consequently, M&A seeks to contribute to job placement initiatives for people with disabilities, to the eradication of the scourge of drugs and alcohol in the workplace, to the support of job placement programs launched by the Ministry of Labor, and to the promotion of equality in the workplace.

In order to achieve this goal, M&A organizes congresses with the participation of public authorities, NGO members and experts in the field. For more information on these training courses, please contact +5411 4894-0753