The Firm

"Expertise, competency, continued training and transparency"

Members of our firm are highly skilled and have extensive experience in labor law, union relations and management of human resources. Our firm specializes in advisory and legal support services to help companies address everyday challenges.

At M&A we are known for our personalized and high quality service. Our formula? A harmonious blend of the traits that characterize us: expertise, competency, pragmatism and continued training. Our strong working methodologies have been developed over years of professional practice and are applied in line with present-day demands and challenges. We design original and innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Our clients represent a wide range of industries and the close and lasting bonds we develop with them facilitate understanding of their specific needs and requirements. We seek to establish direct and close communication with each and every client to ensure a high quality of service.

We are a dynamic, thriving and growing team with a career path based on a responsible, committed and close relationship with clients.